Women’s only Edition

Women Run The World!

And sometimes, that can be exhausting and overwhelming… but don’t worry, whether it is a quarter or mid life crisis, whether it’s the right side of you brain that is tired of being bad and sad at the same time, multi-tasking or whether it’s a simple decision to live life on your terms, we only want you to have your board of advisors to discuss it with; so If you are looking for some girl talk, this is where you need to be! Come and join women from different walks of lives discussing various topics that might cross your mind on daily basis.

Mindful Workshops

You owe it to yourself to become everything you’ve dreamed of being. And it’s never too late to start. Our boss babe’s guide you to channel your inner Beyonce in all that you do, physically, mentally and definitely emotionally, addressing all concerns of life, love, kids and men whilst protecting your mental energy. We’re focussed on self growth, business growth and booty growth. It is also a community to connect, share and ride along with some of the strongest women in the community.

Food for Thought

Beyonce said “You only need an hour for an occasional ugly cry, before you step out and conquer everything you desire to”. The strongest women are the most sensitive, and you’re only one step away from the version of yourself that you can’t stop dreaming about. We help you sing the boldest tunes through anything you are hiding away from.