Up and Up

Corporate Edition

Corporate culture addresses strenuous situations which is a constant. WAAMH provides trusted and compassionate information through awareness workshops, building a stronger bond between the mind and heart of every employee.

There is a storm coming for all of us. A huge ratio of people in the Corporate class of India aren’t talking about mental health, only because they don’t recognise it or equipped to handle it. It’s only a matter of time that either the current circumstance or things that may unfold from here are going to cost us all big, and every organisation needs to be ready and this is where WAAMH comes in and becomes the mind bureau of the corporation and will equip the employees to talk about and deal better with mental health issues in their personal lives and workspace.

Mindful Workshops

Awareness is the beginning of cure.

Seamlessly trying to blend into the daily rat race, most of us aren’t even aware of the emotional and physical difficulties we face. From situations as global pandemics to everyday traumatic incidents around the house, the psychological triggers last as long as we choose to acknowledge, address and heal.

Our trained wellness evangelists offer guided workshops on understanding topics such as Elements of well-being, Mindfulness, Gratitude, Inner strength and healing and so many more core topics in mental health, to set the tone  to set the tone for a better and a healthier lifestyle routine.

We work as an extension of the Human Resource department to help improve mental health in a stigma-free environment.

Food for Thought

Every organization has the power to shape our future leaders. From where they start, to who they become is an evolution. However, the metamorphosis is a crucial yet stimulating journey. We help bring in the emotional security you need, along with emotional intelligence and understanding the rightful use of your personality, skills and freedom.