Straight From The Heart

Public Edition

Encouragement comes from the stories we live, and each day is a new one. When it comes to the experiences of another, we choose to listen and empathise. And while you do, you’re motivated to step up and unleash all that you’ve held within.

What we’re all looking for is a safe space that allows us to be who we really want to be, without being judged or condemned for the decisions we make. WAAMH promises to hold your hand and walk with you through a journey you most certainly feel comfortable in.

Mindful Workshops

With a new situation everyday, the mind becomes a heavy duty machine in storing new information and processing your engine’s functionality. Our team of approachable and fun mentors take you through workshops that are relatable to you and your loved ones, aiming to fight fear with fear itself, whilst encouraging all your five senses to live in the now.

We also bring in fellow humans and celebrities that have deep, inspiring stories and have transformed their lives into a magnitude of blessings to live and share.

Food for Thought

When you tune into your inner self, you receive in abundance. We bring you comfortable knowledge of true stories that are meant to heal, in order to open that heart within to be comfortable knowledge in the lives of others.

Our Stories

WAAMH celebrates real life stories of fellow humans through a chapter called ‘Straight From The Heart’.

If you want to share yours, write to us at

Straight From The Heart - Monalisa

When I was pregnant I always had pre conceived notions about my motherhood, I thought I’ll have to be that ideal mother who selflessly does everything for her child, her career can take a back seat, while she is a supermom and she can go to any extent to protect, nourish and love her child.
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Straight From The Heart - Bhavini Shah (DJ Lil B)

In the eyes of a mother, her child is always perfect no matter what! I wish I could be that mother too. Days started passing by and I felt that there was something not so normal about my child. I used to feel that her developmental milestones are delayed….
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Straight From The Heart - Joel Jacob

Ma, You are my one and only. Raising me took a lot of patience and strength, thank you for hanging in there. I promise to clean my room today, maybe! Do my bed, and even cook for you. I always pray you’ve the best health and all the joy you deserve to have…
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